Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pick N Save trip 5/18/2011 - Double Daze

Hello, my lovelies!

So sorry for the lapse in blogging here.  I was not available last week / couponing because I was storm chasing, and out of state for several days.  Then, photographing a wedding on Saturday.  Really fun stuff, but keeps me from coupons! :/

SO!  Here is my take for the day.  Three separate transactions (because on Pick N Save Double Daze, they will only double up to 5 coupons per transaction.)  :)

Classico pasta sauce... 2/$4 on sale.  Paired with a $1/2 coupon that doubles to $2/2, I got these jars of pasta sauce for only $1 each. :)  (4 total)

The best deal of the bunch for me... Ken's salad dressing (they have my very favorite Creamy Balsamic and a great olive oil dressing,) - these are on sale for 2/$4.  I had 5 of the $1/1 coupons.  They double to $2/1, and so... all five of these were totally FREE!

I've been waiting for ages for the Tyson Grilled & Ready chicken breasts to go back on sale.  Dan and I can NOT get enough of these.  They were on sale for $6.99 (normally these are $9.99, so that's already $3 off.)  Paired with a $1/1 coupon that doubles to $2/1, I got these for an awesome $4.99 each!  (3 total)

Dan loves these Voila meals.  They are on sale for $3.99, and there's also a coupon for a free Birds Eye steamfresh family size frozen veggie if you buy it.  Win/Win!

And, Dan is obsessed with Peach Snapple.  SO, these were on sale today for $5.99, and I paired them with the $1/1 coupon that doubles to $2/1.  Each 6-pack was only $3.99 - that's like getting each bottle for $.66.  (4 total)

Hershey's chocolate bars are on sale for $.79 each.  I grabbed four and paired them with the B1G1 free coupon, making them essentially $.39 each.

And we can't forget the fun and silly FREE El Monterey burrito 2-pack coupon.  Always good for bumping up a dollar or two on the $25 minimum post-sale pre-coupon total for each transaction!

$1/2 Sun Chips matched with the 2/$5 sale made them only $1.50 each! (4 total)

Plus, there is a coupon for a free Sierra Mist Natural 2-liter with the purchase of any two Sun Chips. :)  That made these 2-liters totally FREE.

There's also a sale on the Kemps Frozen Yogurt cones, 2/$6.  I matched that with a $1/1 coupon, and got this box for $1.  Sweet deal! ;)

Add to these, I also got a few bags of salad at 2/$4. :)

So!  The total info:

TOTAL shelf value: $128.77
-$73.03 savings (56.7% savings)
I only paid $55.74!

Happy Couponing!


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