Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sentry Trip 5/3/11

Hidy ho, folks!  

I thought I'd share my Milwaukee couponing trip to the Sentry's on 71st and Lisbon today.  I did some research and compiled a shopping list in excel ('cause I'm a huge nerd.)  I cross reference Sentry's advertised specials with the coupons in my binder.  I've noticed that a lot of blogs and websites based in Wisconsin or the midwest don't talk much about Sentry's.  I know it can be confusing because they are individually owned, but they also can be quite rewarding.

Here's what I got:

Here's the way my shopping list looked:
$.40/1 (3x) New York Cheese Toast or Dip N Sticks = $0.85 each
$.50/1 (3x) Betty Crocker Supreme Brownie/Dessert Bar Mix =$0.99 each
.75/3 (9x) Betty Crocker Helpers on sale $10/10 = $0.50 each 
$.50/2 (6x)  Chex Mix = $0.49 each
$1/1 (3x) Kraft Homestyle Mac & Cheese = $0.49 each
$.60/2 (2x) Yoplait Greek Yogurt 10/$10 = $0.40 each 
$.50/2 (3x) Betty Crocker fruit snacks = $0.99 each

$45.71 total
-$25.30 savings  (55.3% savings!)
I paid $20.41 out of pocket!

Don't forget the coupon policy at this Sentry's:  
1.  Double coupons on Tuesdays & Thursdays up to $1.
2.  No limit on the number of coupons doubled!
3.  No more than 3 of the same coupon may be used.
4.  No internet coupons accepted.

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