Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Walgreens yesterday... It's RAZOR time!

Okay, so I have to share my couponing victory with you guys.  Today I did a little Walgreens shopathon because they're having such great deals on razors.

They do a thing called "Register Rewards," when you buy certain products, you get Register Rewards, which are coupons worth various dollar amounts good toward your next visit.  Awesome sauce.

I did three separate visits to get this bunch of goodies, valued at $107.7, for only $25.41.

Keep in mind, the advertised SALE for just the two razors in the middle there (Gillete Fusion) was $9.89 EACH.  But, I got all these goodies for $25.41, and we will not have to worry about buying razors for a LONG time.

You can do it, too.  Just pair up sales with coupons, especially for items with Register Rewards.  Make sure to familiarize yourself with the coupon policy so you do it right. (ie: you have to have one item for each coupon or RR you use.  They don't have to correspond, but if you're using 5 coupons + 5 RR coupons, you need ten items.  That's why you see candy there (for Dan...) - because it's one of the cheapest things in the store right now.  They're $.49 each.)



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